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Client List and Testimonials

Here are just a few of our clients:

St. Louis Cardinals - 2006 World Series Champs: Seeing is believing! The greatest teaching tool ever developed is the software by Sports Motion Inc. Prior to joining the St. Louis Cardinals I was the hitting coach for the Vero Beach Dodgers in the Florida State League. I used the Sports Motion system for two seasons and have had amazing results. The players on that team were quickly aware of the adjustments needed by consistently viewing video feedback with the easy-to-use Sports Motion software. The results were astonishing. That team broke twelve offensive team records that had been in existence for twenty-five years. We also had a player win the batting title and we had one win the Home Run title. This year I am the manager for the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals Rookie League Team. The Sports Motion analysis system again helped us have the league’s batting champion and the league’s Home Run champion. The St. Louis Cardinals are going to purchase this system for every minor league affiliate to get those kind of results throughout the organization. Seeing is believing!

Dan Radison,
St. Louis Cardinals
Rookie League Coach

Bobby Valentine's Chiba Lotte Marines - Japan's 2005 Konami Cup Winner. Ex Mets manager, Bobby Valentine, took over the Chiba Lotte Marines pro baseball team in 2003 and, after a short time, the Chiba Lotte Marines became the best team in Japan and the rest of Asia after winning the Konami Cup. It was just one year prior to their championship when Sports Motion delivered the first of several Pro-Trainer motion analysis systems to Bobby Valentine's team in Japan. Sports Motion even delivered a custom online user guide converted to Japanese. The results speak for themselves.

Chicago White Sox - 2005 World Series Champs: "Sports Motion is an analysis program that enables White Sox coaches to evaluate and analyze players. It is a great teaching tool that reaches across the board for all players at their current abilities and enables them to improve to their fullest capability with total understanding of their approach to hitting."

Mike Lum
Hitting coordinator Chicago White Sox

Anaheim Ducks – NHL – Stanley Cup Champions 2007:  ”I started using Pro-Trainer by Sports Motion as Power Skating Coach for the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and I now currently use it in the same capacity with the Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks.  And let me tell you, it is fantastic!  In fact, as soon as the Goalie Coach for the Kings saw me using the software with the players, he immediately downloaded and started using Sports Motion with the Kings Goalies.  It is the BEST Video Analysis product I have ever used for teaching Hockey Players how to skate faster.  Whether I am showing star NHL students of mine such as Jeremy Roenick or Sidney Crosby their speed techniques on the computer, or using the program with my son’s 12 year old pee wee youth hockey team, the instant results and immediate feedback are always the same…superb!  Sports Motion is affordable, reliable and intuitive.  It has become a permanent fixture for Robby Glantz Power Skating.”

Robby Glantz
Anaheim Ducks
Power Skating Coach

Eastern Surfing Association: Sports Motion’s video motion analysis software is a remarkable product.  We utilize a surfing coach, John Holeman, who uses your product. The very first video analysis provided more information on surfing technique and reading wave conditions than five years and three previous coaches put together.  The system is incredible in that it provides graphic analysis to the users of exactly what is right and wrong with technique and will allow the coach to show corrective measures to improve performance. Technique and performance are directly proportional in all sports; Sports Motion Pro Trainer will no doubt improve an athlete’s technical ability and leverage his performance. It is worth every penny.

Nick’s Dad
Nick Rupp, age 14, Surfing America National Champion 2004, Eastern Surfing Association Champion 2004, 2006.

World Cup Canadian Ski Team: "Since using Sports Motion systems our team has been able to get a more in-depth look into our sport. Since ski racing is now about tenths and hundreds of a second, we need to get into studying the finest details to be able to gain those hundredths of a second and compete with the world's best. Sports Motion has really helped us become a competitive team."

Matt Kerr
World Cup Canadian Ski Team

Orthopedic Hospital Of Oklahoma: "The Sports Motion Video analysis software has be an integral part of developing our sports medicine program. The software is very “user friendly” and provides our sports medicine staff with extremely valuable video capturing and analysis tools.  Utilization of the Sports Motion Software has made identifying and managing biomechanical anomalies in our patients and athletes much easier. The software’s slow motion features allow our clinicians to review in great detail many biomechanics problems that would previously go undetected. Our Rehabilitation and Training Programs are more focused and successful because of Sports Motion’s technology and service."  

David K. Brennan, M.Ed
Orthopedic Hospital Of Oklahoma

Physical Solutions: "We present Dynamic Movement Screening courses to physiotherapists and coaches and use Sports Motion as an integral part of our lectures. It is a reliable, cost effective and simple to use platform that meets the needs of both our purposes as lecturers and practitioners. We both "live capture" and use our previous library of captures to bring our courses to life...and the software hasn't failed us yet. Sports Motion has the right balance of both features and functionality that makes motion capture easily accessible to a wide audience. We are approaching our third year of both using and recommending Sports Motion within our work."

Bob Wood MCSP, SRP  Andy Hunt MSc, MCSP
Physical Solutions

Fastpitch-Hitters-Home:  "I use video analysis in my instruction of fastpitch softball hitting. I feel that Sports-Motion’s Pro Trainer software is one of the best analysis programs I have used. This software has the tools that allow me to document my student’s progress and helps me illustrate to my goals we can set and areas that need work. I also recommend this software to those who are considering using video analysis. I feel its low cost, multi-camera features and ease of use make it an ideal program for coaches and athletes who are beginning to explore sports video."

Roger Convertino
Girls Fastpitch Softball Hitting Instruction

San Jose
, California

California State University - Long Beach:  "Sports Motion is and has been  invaluable for the development of our players.  With the capabilities of Sports Motion, it has allowed us to make adjustments/changes with our players much quicker which allows them to be in a position mechanically to have the best chance for success.  Sports Motion has made the coaching staff at Long Beach State much better."

Mike Weathers
Head Baseball coach, Long Beach State

Atlantic Physical Therapy: "I wanted to express how pleased I am with my recent purchase of the Sports Motion Video Analysis Software. I am an Athletic Trainer and a Physical Therapist and Co-Owner of Atlantic Physical Therapy in Virginia Beach, VA. I have an extensive background in pitching biomechanics and especially how it relates to injury. I finally found the perfect software to compliment my practice.  This software is incredibly powerful and extremely easy to use.  I have done standard video analysis for many years but now using the software, I am able to show the athlete and coaches visual images of proper arm angles, arm velocity, simultaneous multiple pitcher comparisons and much more. The software provides incredibly clear, frame by frame playback and there is no missed frames and no blurriness. I could not be happier or more pleased with the purchase of this software. This software has given my practice an edge and the patients love the technology. I use it for all levels of player from little league to professional pitchers.

Andy Altman, ATC, PT
Atlantic Physical Therapy

Penn State University: "I have been coaching baseball at the high school and the junior college level for the past 15 years. The biggest problem that I have had over the years was relating what my eyes were seeing and transferring those images to the eyes and body of the person to whom I was coaching.  One example that stands out for me is a 6’6”, 210 lb. pitcher, who 2 years ago was 5’10” and 240 lb. My theory regarding his problems was that he was throwing with the motor memory of his former body type of 5’10’ 240 lbs. He just couldn’t throw a strike to save his life. For 10 months I tried every traditional baseball instruction to try to get him to throw a strike. The best he could do was throw 2 strikes out of ten pitches. Needless to say he never completed an inning he started. Finally, I came across Sports Motion, Inc. I used their motion analysis system on my pitcher. I started to film him at 11 a.m. one morning and by 12 noon, sitting in front of my computer, I discovered the mechanical mistake my pitcher was making. I showed my pitcher the flaw and within one week he was able to overcome it. 5 weeks later, he was throwing 5 strikes out of every 10 pitches and has completed 6 full relief innings in 6 games without giving up a run. I can honestly say that I will never give another pitching or hitting lesson without using the Sports Motion video motion analysis system. Once you start using their system you will never coach without it again."

Head baseball coach
Penn State University, Berks

Deer Creek Tennis Resort:  “Watching our players’ performance helps us to pin-point their strengths and weaknesses. For us, Sports Motion software is taking coaching to the next level. It’s an excellent way to evaluate, correct and give instant feedback to our players and expedite the learning process. It’s a very simple and systematic process. By using one or more different angles it’s easy evaluate and pin-point players’ strengths and weaknesses. Sports Motion software is helping the players to improve: technical skills, stroke production, biomechanical (human motion) analysis, game style, strategies and tactics, mental toughness, match statistics, communication and motivation to improve their performance level

From the players’ point of view, it helps them to get visual feedback, set specific goals and monitor their progress easily. We can store each player’s personal videos and follow their progress. We compare the stroke, movement, technique, strategy, and tactics with other high performance level players (one of my favorite features).

Sports Motion software is very affordable. Sport Motion’s technology helps me grow my business, increase the trust level with my players and parents and enjoy my job.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my admiration and appreciation to Sports Motion for their technology and for outstanding customer service. I look forward to keep our business relationship for years to come.”

Habtu Belayneh
Director, Deer Creek Tennis Resort, Florida

The Runner's Flat: "I wanted to say thanks for working with us to get our Sports Motion system rolling.  We’re excited to get it going here in Cedar Falls, IA.  When we worked for the Runner’s Roost in Colorado, we were able to see it really be used to help some people out.  It helps people understand the concept of getting the right shoe for a specific person.  We plan to use it to help people get rid of nagging injuries and/or pain.  We can’t wait to take it to the recreation center and the "Y" to give others a chance to see what their foot strike looks like and what type of shoes they might need to help even it out and why.  As we find more and more ways to use the system, we’ll definitely keep you updated.  I do believe it will be an eye opener for most Hawkeyes to see a system like this used in a shoe store."

Scott and Sarah Gall
The Runner’s Flat
Cedar Falls, IA

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